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    How old is Crom Dubh

    The worship of Crom Dubh or Crom Cruiach, is said to have been brought to Ireland by Tigernmas, sometimes called Tiernmas. Irish annals say that he was a fourth century king and that he was one of the last kings of the Formorians. Tigernmas is sometimes referred to as the “culture king”, because it is said that he was the one who brought aspects of civilisation to Ireland including the cereal farming, smithing of gold and silver, the dyeing of fabrics, and the making of music and art.

    What if the old Irish legends about Tigernmas the king of Fomorians bringing agriculture and metal work to Ireland are true. Except that Tigernmas didn't live in the 4th century ad, he lived in the 3rd or 4th millennium bc. Is it possible that the Irish oral tradition has preserved records of events that happened 5000, 6000 years ago? Is it possible that the people who brought metallurgy and agriculture to Ireland, the Fomorians, came from the Balkans via Pomorje, Pomerania?

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    Re: How old is Crom Dubh

    And that happened before barbaric Servants(Serbs) arrival in Balkans.

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