Why are Thunder deities always linked with agricultural cults? Maybe because the first corn was acorn, the fruit of the thunder tree, oak...I am continuing my articles about oaks and acorns. I hope you will find this one interesting.

How did hunter gatherers start to eat acorns? How did they get the idea to invent all the technologies and tools necessary for gathering, storing and leaching acorns? What are the procedures and tool which our hunter gatherer ancestors used for gathering, storing and leaching acorns? How did our hunter gatherer ancestors cook the acorns, and turned them into food? And what type of food was most commonly made from acorns? Did acorn kick start the Mesolithic to Neolithic transition milleniums before any cereal was anywhere to be found?

These are the questions that I would like to answer in this post. I hope you will find it an interesting read.

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