"Baba" or "Kumir" is a type of stone statue, an idol, which first appeared in Ukraine between the 7th and the 4th century BC. They were built by Scythian and Sarmatian tribes and their meaning and purpose is still debated. It is presumed that they are associated with the cult of the ancestors.
We find thousands of these anthropomorphic crosses and Baba statues in the Slavic lands of Central Europe and in old Scythian lands of Eurasia. It seems that the only other place where they are found is Ireland. If anyone hase any information about these types of stone idols from any other part of Western Europe, please let me know so that I can update the post.
Who were the people who built Scythian Baba stones and anthropomorphic Cuman crosses in Ireland? How and when did they arrive there, and how come not a word can be read about them in any modern history of Ireland? The old histories of Ireland are not so silent. The old histories talk about Scythians who came to Ireland from the Caspian sea, but these old histories are ignored by modern historians as "fanciful" and "ridiculous". Maybe it is time to look at the old Irish histories again.